Mind Smart

Digital Marketing


email marketing (EDM)

* eDM campaign strategy planning

* Campaign implementation

* Campaign monitoring and fine-tuning

* Campaign reporting and future recommendation


* Website development

* Website management

* Website analytics

* Website audit

* Website optimisation

Digital marketing strategy

* Digital marketing research

* Digital market trend analysis

* Formulate digital marketing strategy

social media marketing

* Social media monitoring services

* Social media marketing - on major channels including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Weibo, Twitter, LinkedIn

* Social media advertising (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube & other major channels)

online advertising

* Display banners on major portals

* Google Display Network (GDN)

Search engine marketing

* Optimise your online presence under major search engines including Google, Yahoo, Bing

* Search engine optimisation (SEO)

* Paid Search / Paid-per-click (PPC) / Sponsored Search

our scope of digital marketing services